Eduardo Saverin Participates In Jumio’s $6.5 Million Round Of Funding

Jumio is a mobile payments solution company that is preparing to launch in the next couple of months. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has participated in the $6.5 million round of funding. He put in over half of the round according to TechCrunch. Saverin will be on Jumio’s board of directors as well.

“I’m usually a critical person, but the last time I have seen such a disruptive idea was actually Facebook,” said Saverin. Jumio was co-founded by Daniel Mattes. Mattes previously sold his last venture Jajah to Telefonica for $207 million.

“Jumio simplifies payment. Everyday transactions in a quick, one-click solution for individuals and businesses. Bullet proof security, easy and universal handling. Nothing more, nothing less,” states the company’s About page.


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