Michigan Man Jeff Kurze Finds Kidney Donor Ricky Cisco Through Facebook [VIDEO]

After Jeff Kurze found out that his kidneys were failing, him and his wife Roxy were really worried. Jeff Kurze, 35, was frail after the dialysis. The young couple is from Warren, Michigan and they started getting desperate. After suffering from a mini stroke, Jeff said it would take 5 years to climb to the top of the kidney waiting list and a type O match was needed. Roxy wrote a message on Facebook that saved Kurze.

“Wishing a kidney would fall out of the sky so my husband can stop suffering,” said Roxy. “So if anyone knows of a live donor with type O blood, PLEASE let me know.” Some people wrote that they would get tested, but Roxy remained skeptical. One day she got a private message from 25-year-old comedian Ricky Cisco. She met him once through work, but they never really ‘liked’ each other’s posts.

Cisco said that he wanted to sit down with Roxy about donating the kidney over a coffee. Online research revealed that the surgical risks of donating a kidney was low.

“The people who step up to be living donors are usually family members or people who know the individual with kidney failure because they love them and they want to do something to help,” stated Beaumont Hospital medical director of multiorgan transplantation Dr. Dilip Samarapungavan. “To have someone step for pretty much out of the blue, that’s a very special circumstance.”

Jeff was extremely grateful to his wife for writing that post on Facebook also. “She saved my life too,” said Jeff. “I feel like it was fate and destiny. If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have been in the right place to meet Ricky.”


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Michigan Man Jeff Kurze Finds Kidney Donor Ricky Cisco Through Facebook [VIDEO] Comments

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