MySpace’s Revenues Ending June 2011 Expected To Be About $109 Million

News Corporation (NASDAQ:NWSA) social network subsidiary used to be the largest website in the world. Now it is at #72 (Alexa) and revenues have been slipping at the company big time. In 2008, MySpace hit $900 million, but one year later the top executives at the company started to depart. According to a pitchbook leaked to TechCrunch, MySpace’s revenue for fiscal 2011 ending June 2011 is expected to be around $109 million with expenses being projected to be around $274 million.

Next year, MySpace is expecting to have $15 million in EBITDA as revenue is expecting to decrease $84 million. Expenses are expected to go from $274 million to $69 million. About $205 million would need to be saved from operating costs in the next 14 months to make this happen. This would result in massive layoffs and a revenue decrease of only 23% next year. The pitchbook projects MySpace’s revenues to be $101 million for 2013, $119 million for 2014, and $139 million for 2015.


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MySpace’s Revenues Ending June 2011 Expected To Be About $109 Million Comments

  1. genius says:

    I mean, look at MySpace right now. It's just so intensely bloated and screaming, "Love me!" by shoving itself in your face. Right now it deserves everything it's getting – or not getting. Long ago they should have worked on simplifying their features and pursuing some sort of niche aspect of social marketing – which would've easily been making some new innovations in MUSIC marketing, which is where their roots are! This is still where Facebook lacks – its "Pages" are strange and awkward. Everyone in MySpace must be completely air-headed for not thinking to focus on buffing up where Facebook is weak. It's rather pathetic that they haven't, after all this time. Instead it's a bloated mess. Good riddance, idiots.

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