Federal Prosecutors File Wire Fraud Charges Against Robert D. Curry For Microsoft Case

In Seattle, Washington federal prosecutors filed wire fraud charges against a Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) employee that is accused of stealing over $515,000 from them. Robert D. Curry was arrested yesterday morning as part of an accusation that he sent $515,000 in three wire transfers to his personal account back in 2010.

Curry said that the money was spent on payment for services that were not provided to Microsoft. Supposedly Curry created a shell company and made false invoices. Then he used the money on high-end audio equipment, credit card bills, and ski equipment. The shell company was called Pentad Solutions.

The shell company was disguised as a vendor for the Bing Toolbar browser plug-in that billed Microsoft. Curry was the director of business development for Microsoft’s Strategic Partnerships Team for the Online Audience Business Group. Curry’s jobs at Microsoft included negotiating contracts and for approving payments.

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Federal Prosecutors File Wire Fraud Charges Against Robert D. Curry For Microsoft Case Comments

  1. k. pohl says:

    I worked for Rob up until mid-March 2010 just before he started his wrong doings. I viewed him as one of the nicest people and best bosses that I have ever worked for. Needless to say I am totally shocked and disappointed at this news. I still cannot get over the news and why he did what he did. I'm willing to bet that if he could rewind history he never would have done this had he given the plan some serious thought. Actually, he was a very sharp guy and probably gave this plot a lot of thought but greed clouded his thoughts and judgement. I feel terrible about the whole situation because I personally knew him and liked him as a person. So sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree as I've known him for a very long time and never would I have thought he would do something like this. He is a very good person who made an extremely poor choice (who knows what the actual circumstances are that made him even consider this though). I completely agree that if given opportunity he would go back and re-write history if possible….hindsight.

  2. anon says:

    Charged with does not mean found guilty of.

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