Being Sued Because Woman Was Attacked After Date is being sued by a woman in California since she was sexually assaulted after a date. Mark L. Webb filed the civil lawsuit against on behalf of the woman in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit is demanding that screens members for potential sexual predators. Webb filed for a temporary injunction to prevent from allowing new members to join until the issue is fixed. The woman met the predator last year at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood. After the second date, the man followed the woman home and attacked her. is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC). [The Huffington Post]

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  1. Jim says:

    Hmm….leaving the usual frivolous lawsuit comments to one side, this story provides another example for what I've been saying it for a while: a photo and online dating profile (entered by the person it's about) just isn't enough to ensure you get the date you're expecting!

    This site is worth checking out:……calls itself "the Yelp of online dating"…can you believe that?

    Would definitely reduce the number of bogus dates you end up on using online dating…..IMHO.

  2. @MD_in_Ok says:

    Newsflash: It is neither the responsibility of the dating service to check the background of every person who signs up, nor should it be. Ultimately, it is YOUR responsibility to investigate the person of interest BEFORE you agree to a date and you should NEVER, EVER invite them to your home until you've done so!

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