Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein Steps Down, Replaced By Co-President Safra Catz

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) chief financial officer Jeff Epstein has stepped down from the company. Oracle co-president Safra Catz will fill in for Epstein, who previously reported to Catz directly. This is the second time that Catz will be acting as the CFO as she had that position between November 2005 and September 2008. “Safra already has the long-standing confidence of our employees, our board and our shareholders,” stated Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. “There is no more logical choice for CFO.” [AllThingsD]

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Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein Steps Down, Replaced By Co-President Safra Catz Comments

  1. Jeff Kansas says:

    Jeff Epstein left for very non-company related reasons. He had also been meaning to leave for a while. That's the story I've been getting and it sounds pretty reasonable. He had an excellent run with Oracle and should be compensated well. Safra Catz is amazing and should have a terrific turn at a job she does so well. Oracle is as solid as ever and the growth from Solaris products looks nothing less than spectacular and is merely beginning under the leadership of Oracle.

  2. Jarald says:

    Jeff Epstein is never a stabilized person. How many companies he jumped, In oracle everyone knew he will quite very soon and as predicted it happened. None of the employeess were happy the way he works. Mr. Epstein continue ur pranks.

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