The White House Sends Out A Tweet With President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

The White House has sent out a tweet that links to a blog post which contains President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Donald Trump is taking credit for the White House’s decision to release the birth certificate as he is planning to make a run at the White House himself in 2012. The birth certificate says that Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father’s name is Barack Obama and his mother’s name is Stanley Ann Dunham. He was born at 7:24PM on August 4, 1961. The certificate number has been blacked out. Check out the video below of Obama talking about the birth certificate below:

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The White House Sends Out A Tweet With President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Comments

  1. @celebs4truth says:

    LMAO, and now there are soooooo many people saying, "SEE, ALL YOU CONSPIRACY THEORY KOOKS! HAHAHA…TOLD YOU SO, "BIRTHERS" ETC…dancing like fools in their living rooms, yelling "HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA, We finally win one" (Sung to the tune of nanny-nanny-boo-boo) Yet still fail to see through the smoke and mirrors, again, and again, and again! (before I say anything, however, let me begin by mentioning the fact that he's lied about virtually EVERYTHING he promised during his campaign, so I don't have much faith in his ability to be honest) OK, first of all, why not just release this one to begin with? Secondly, it's still not the physical original…it's a photo "copy" pdf! Why not just bring the original with him to the press conference? They couldn't have brought it to the conference for him? Wouldn't it have been more expedient to literally hold it up for all to see? Also, why did Tim Adams, a Hawaiian Elections Official sign a sworn affidavit saying he personally conducted a search for ANY birth records, and couldn't find anything! He also swore that his superiors told him they didn't exist! Additionally, this document shows no official certification, like all other legal government forms, including birth certificates? Why does the designation of race say "African" …that's not a real designation of race on any government form! This new "Certificate of Live Birth" also states that his father was a "Kenyan Student" and not an American citizen! That automatically, constitutionally makes him ineligible! LMAO! Besides, the hospital he tries to say he was born in, is not the hospital his half=-sister Mia Soetoro said he was born in during an interview recently, and that hospital will still not acknowledge he was born there! LOL

  2. lifebook says:

    Finally they've shown his certificate. Not if i had some doubts, just for those who had. Personally I believe in Obama. He's charismatic

  3. Prasad says:

    Mr. Obama did very well i hope now Donald Trump will calm up i think this matter will ends with this action (Release of Obama's birth certificate).

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