Best Buy Fires Roger Kline For Tackling Thief

When a thief runs away with a stolen good, generally employees are not supposed to physically attack them. Especially when companies could be sued for assault. Fifty-one year old Montana Best Buy employee Roger Kline was recently fired after he grabbed a hold of a thief that was about to walk out of the store with two computers and thew him to the ground. Clearly Kline is morally right for doing that, but Best Buy ended up firing him. [Gizmodo]

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Best Buy Fires Roger Kline For Tackling Thief Comments

  1. Albert Gordy says:

    I have been what I would call a "Good" customer of the Best Buy in Salisbury Maryland for the past 5 years. Considering their termination of Mr. Kline I will be trading at other companies for my electronics. There is a Wal-Mart right across the street.

    A Gordy

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