AT&T Planning To Launch Smartphone Security Service In 2012

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) head of enterprise John Stankey was interviewed today and announced that the company is planning a service that protects individual smartphones from malware. The company already has a corporate plan but they expected to offer it for home users in 2012. As smartphones are growing in popularity, it only makes sense that AT&T sees this kind of service as inevitable. “When you start asking [customers] what’s your willingness to pay for a solution, if they’re not a little frightened, their willingness to pay is nothing,” stated Stankey. [Electronista]

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AT&T Planning To Launch Smartphone Security Service In 2012 Comments

  1. Rahul Aggarwal says:

    With the common assumption that smartphones like androids are immune to virus owing to their Linux systems, it is now a reality that the virus developed for these devices have crossed Linux security features. It is thus very important to be covered for these threats in order to save the sensitive data that we are used to store on these handy devices. Thanks for sharing this post.

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