30+ Job Resources and Search Engines

Now that the economy is in recovery mode after a major financial meltdown a couple of years ago, a lot of companies are hiring again. Below is a profile of over 30 job resources and search engines starting with 37 signals.

37Signals – 37signals has a job board for designer and programmer positions across major technology companies and start-ups.

AOL Jobs – AOL Jobs is a website that has a career tips section and has a job search engine that is powered by CareerBuilder.com.  AOL Jobs has the following sections: resumes & cover letters, interviews & salaries, job search, career research, unemployment information, and employment news.

Authentic Jobs – Authentic Jobs is a website that has a list of companies that are seeking full-time and freelance web designers.

Bixee – Bixee is one of the largest job portals in Asia that has about 1.5 million active jobs at any given time.

Care.com – Care.com is a website for babysitters, nannies, special needs care, in-home caregivers, pet sitters, dog walkers, housekeepers, etc. to network.

CareerBuilder.com – CareerBuilder.com is one of the largest employment websites in the U.S. with over 23 million unique visitors each month.  CareerBuilder has about a 34% market share of help-wanted websites in the U.S.

Climber.com – Climber.com is a website that suggests jobs to you based on your interests after you fill out a survey.

CoolWorks.com – CoolWorks.com is a website that has a list of seasonal jobs available in some of the most beautiful places on Earth such as national parks.

Coroflot.com Job Board – Coroflot.com’s job board is one of the largest and most active websites that specifically targets designers and creative professionals.

Craigslist – Craigslist is the largest classified websites that has a massive list of freelance and full-time jobs available.

Dice.com – Dice.com is the #1 technology job board.  You can browse jobs based by skill such as Java, QA, Project Manager, .NET, C++, C#, SAP, Cobol, etc.

Elance.com – Elance.com is a website where you can post and accept freelance work.  The work is related to programming, designing, writing, marketing, consulting, finance, etc.

Eluta – Eluta is a search engine where you can find new jobs at employers across Canada.

Emurse.com – Emurse.com is a website is a powerful online tool that is designed to help control job hunting.  Job seekers can create and maintain professional resumes that is hosted online and can be available for download in any format needed.  You can also search for jobs in your area.

FindLaw.com – FindLaw.com is a good starting point for seeking help with understanding the law.  FindLaw is a good way to find lawyer representation for your business.

Freelancer.com – Freelancer.com is one of the world’s largest outsourcing websites.  There are about 2.6 million registered users that are ready to work.

FreshWebJobs.com – FreshWebJobs.com is a job board that has a goal of bringing together companies and professionals that has an interest in web technologies.

HireAHelper.com – HireAHelper.com is a website where you can find local helpers in the area such as movers, cleaners, gardeners, etc.

Hound.com – Hound.com is a website that connects job seekers, recruiting firms, university career services offices, unemployment offices, and outplacement firms.  Hound.com has over 300 employees and is based in Pasadena, California.

Indeed.com – Indeed.com is one of the top job search engines on the Internet today with over 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month.  Indeed.com is available in over 50 countries and 26 languages.

Job-a-matic – Job-a-matic is a fully hosted job board software that is completely brandable.

Job.com – Job.com is one of the fastest growing career portals.  Job.com helps you find local jobs, career advice, and job search services.

JobfoxJobfox is a website that has over 7 million members and launched in 2005.  Jobfox receives about 1.5 million unique visitors per month.  Jobfox allows you to join the networks of companies you want to work for and connect directly with the people are hiring.

JobSearch.com – JobSearch.com is a website that has hundreds of thousands of jobs listed across about 25 different job categories.

Jobster – Jobster.com is a website that aggregates job postings.  The Jobster community has about 12 million candidates, receives 8 million page views, and has 1 million job alerts.

Krop – Krop.com is a job board and career resource website that was made for creative professionals.

LinkedIn Jobs – LinkedIn’s job portal makes suggestions to you about jobs you may be interested in.

LinkUp – LinkUp is one of the fastest growing job search engines on the web that indexes over 22,000 company websites and aggregates jobs from their websites.

Monster.com – Monster.com is one of the largest employment websites in the world.  At any given time, Monster.com has over 1 million job postings and they host about 150 million resumes in their database.  About 63 million job seekers use Monster.com per month.

Recruit.net – Recruit.net is a job search engine company based in Hong Kong that operates several international job search engines.

Salary.com – Salary.com is a website that has free salary information for thousands of jobs and locations.  You can use Salary.com to search for new jobs, find educational opportunities, and get advice about your career.

SeriousTeachers.com – SeriousTeachers.com is a website that has an active directory of teachers and jobs available for them.

SimplyHired – SimplyHired.com is a website that has over 4.9 million jobs available from across the web.

SnagAJob – SnagAJob.com is a website that helps you find local jobs, browse jobs, and provide job tips.

TheLadders – TheLadders.com is a website that helps people find jobs that pay over $100,000.  TheLadders has over 4 million members.

USAJOBS – USAJOBS is the U.S. government’s official program for federal jobs and employment information.

WizIQ – WizIQ is a website that has over 1 million students and 100,000 teachers.  The website connects students through online classes.

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