Apple Starts Selling Unlocked GSM iPhone 4 For $649

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has started selling an unlocked version of the GSM iPhone 4 in the U.S. for $649. Both the white and black iPhone 4 smartphones are available for purchase unlocked. The 16GB and 32GB versions cost $649 and $749 respectively. The unlocked versions are not available for international shipping.

“The unlocked iPhone 4 requires an active micro-SIM card that you obtain from a supported GSM wireless carrier,” states Apple. Customers with unlocked versions of the GSM Apple iPhone 4 can use the phone on AT&T or T-Mobile through data transmission on T-Mobile’s network. However iPhone 4 devices on T-Mobile will work only on EDGE since their 3G network is incompatible with the iPhone.


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Apple Starts Selling Unlocked GSM iPhone 4 For $649 Comments

  1. gazduire web says:

    It was about time that this happened. In my opinion the best way to serve the public needs is to manufacture the iPhone to work free without any restrictions.

  2. nick williams says:

    May be its one of the way to serve the people of the nation by giving them discount and offers.

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