Great Wolf Lodge Uses RFID to Post Photos to Your Facebook for You

A service called Great Wolf Connect uses RFID technology to let Great Wolf Lodge act as not only your personal vacation photographer, but also as your Facebook concierge. The resort company has photo kiosks placed around their Grand Mound, Washington waterpark that automatically upload vacationers’ snaps to their own Facebook accounts. By signing in at the beginning of their stay, visitors to the resort connect their Facebook login info with their RFID (radio-frequency identification) wristband.

The waterproof wristbands also act as room keys and charge accounts. Great Wolf’s press release explains that “guests simply scan their wristband and smile for the digital camera” at the photo kiosks, and the photos are uploaded to Facebook instantly. [engadget]

Great Wolf Lodge Uses RFID to Post Photos to Your Facebook for You Comments

  1. Patrick Sweeney says:

    This is another great use of RFID and social media but (literally) falls a bit short. However it is a glimpse of what every physical location will have in the next couple of years so people can share experiences if they want.

    For a very compelling meshing of a physical presence with a virtual network companies need to leverage ISO 18000-6C UHF RFID tags. The read range at Great Wolf basically requires you go up and tap the reader. This limits functionality and what you can do.

    Vail and their award winning Epic Mix social media program uses ODIN's EasyConnect and long range UHF readers which enables very cool things like automated picture taking while skiing or in proximity to a read point.

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