Foursquare and Groupon Partner for Local Deals

Foursquare and Groupon have teamed up to conquer the localized deals market together. Today: Chicago. Next week: North America! Mashable reports that the Groupon/Foursquare feature should expand from the Chicago area to the rest of the US and Canada by Sunday. The Groupon deals will be listed in the “Specials” sections on Foursquare alongside Foursquare’s other already-running deals partnerships.

Foursquare is also partnered with other companies: LivingSocial, AT&T, Gilt Groupe, Zozi, BuyWithMe, American Express, The New York Times, Conde Nast, Zagat and Bravo.

Foursquare and Groupon Partner for Local Deals Comments

  1. Groupon clone says:

    With this partnership, people can do location based search with Groupon. It is really a compliment for the Groupon customers. Many thanks for your informative update!

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