Facebook Plans a Feed Full of Ads

Facebook is planning to force unavoidable ads into users’ news feeds, without an option to hide them. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook plans to unfilter the feed, which will alleviate what one ad exec calls “wasted potential” but most users would call uncluttered social networking. Facebook has created the Online Campaign Rating System with Nielsen to use demographic information to create more targeted ads. There is no information on when exactly this change will occur. [WSJ via The Atlantic Wire]

Facebook Plans a Feed Full of Ads Comments

  1. Robert says:

    I see that this article is a few months old, but I'll post anyway, I logged on to Facebook today, and it was just riddled with ads and stuff. They weren't the normal small ads on the side either, but the typical "If you drive in (insert state here), this trick will save you tons on auto insurance." I even saw the dreaded "congratulations! you are the 100,000th visitor" link today. This was a terrible idea on Facebook's part because not only are users going to get angry over the clutter, but this also allows potential viruses to be spread through one's account. The filters were there for a reason, to keep the site user-friendly and an overall fun experience. These ads are just going to turn Facebook into a typical low grade site with more ads than hits.

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