Detroit Police Department Only Responding To Verified Burglar Alarms From Now On

The bad boys of Detroit, the Police Department (not Isiah Thomas, Vinnie Johnson, Bill Laimbeer, Joe Dumars, etc.), was putting in a lot of man power and money behind answering false burglar alarms. They have decided not to put as many resources behind burglar alarm responses any more.

According to Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, 98% of all of the alarms that they handle end up being false. On August 22nd, the police department is going to start requiring alarm companies to verify alarms before responding.

The city of Detroit is not the first company to stop responding to burglar alarms without verification. Thirty other cities in the U.S. and Canada adopted this policy since 1991.

To verify that a crime is taking place, call the police. If an alarm goes off and someone lives in a gated community with security guards, then it becomes the responsibility of the building management to check on the alarms. Video surveillance is another way for burglar alarm companies to monitor whether a crime is actually taking place.


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Detroit Police Department Only Responding To Verified Burglar Alarms From Now On Comments

  1. Trauring says:

    right choice… So it's on the cost of burglar alarm companies if their systems are not working properly.

  2. parallax says:

    INCORRECT choice. It isn't the company's responsibility if the system is working properly if it is outside of the warranty period. With most companies, the responsibility is that of the customer. The company will provide a service technician, but only if the customer is consenting and performing the routine recommended care–which most don't, which is NOT the monitoring company's fault.

    If Detroit wants to initiate the requirements of Guard Service (as some parts of Wisconsin and Utah do, for example) fine. That will stimulate the economy by creating more jobs–essentially, the monitoring company calls the Guard Service who is dispatched to the premises. If it appears as if there has been a break in, the police are then sent. This helps preserve the valuable resources that are our uniformed officers and creates an opportunity for more overall revenue.

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