Deutsche Telekom Starts Taking Pre-Orders For New iPhone

Although Deutsche Telekom (DT) does not know the release date or price of the new upcoming iPhone, they have started taking pre-orders as of today any way.

DT is apparently concerned about supply bottlenecks when the new phone is launched. Customers that pre-order the device will be given a coupon when the device goes for sale. The system is first-come, first-serve and one ticket is allowed per customer.

The new phone is expected to launch in October.


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Deutsche Telekom Starts Taking Pre-Orders For New iPhone Comments

  1. person287 says:

    I'd like to say the people doing this are stupid, but to be honest I don't think they are. The fact is that apple will almost definitely make the next iPhone very good and successful half down to the sheer amount of content it already has. If I had the money to upgrade from my iPhone 4 I'd probably do this.

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