24 Creative USB Desk Toys and Gadgets

The Universal Series Bus industry standard has revolutionized the PC industry. The USB was designed to standardize computer peripherals and gadgets. If you are looking into ways to make your cubicle or desk interesting, then buying some USB toys and gadgets might help you out. Some of the USB gadgets out there includes mini drum sets, microscopes, etc. Check out a list of 24 creative USB desk toys and gadgets below:

4x4x4 Multi-Color LED Cube – $78

The 4x4x4 multi-color LED cube illuminates 64 multi-color circularly to give you a sense of relaxation.

Luma Labs USB Gadget Display – $29.95

The Luma Labs USB Gadget Display has an external readout to your PC. When you press a button, the gadget display will show you a clock design, a system status meter, or a slideshow of your images. Unfortunately, this works only on Windows XP and Vista.

Pop-Up Pirate – $37.20

The pirate doll pops out when you put toy swords into the barrel.

Riff Rocker – $14.95

Riff-Rocker is the ultimate USB gadget for the open source game Frets on Fire and other rhythm games.

Tengu – $25

These Tengu USB devices lip syncs the audio using different facial expressions.

Tiny USB Rechargeable Helicopter – $39.90

Want to fly around a USB-powered alloy model IRC helicopter that has 4 color LEDs on two sides and 2 white LEDs in the front? It can be yours for

USB Desk Fan – $15.95

The USB Desk Fan lets you stay cool at your desk. There are four levels of air flow too.

USB Desktop Aquarium – $39.95

The USB Desktop Aquarium has a USB Power Connector, low voltage lamp, and LCD calendar with time/date and week/temperature. The mini fish tank has an under-graevl filtration system and low voltage pump. The fish is not included.

USB Digital Microscope with 8 LEDs (800X) – $53

The USB Digital Microscope can be used for science and engineering purposes such as a skin/scalp exam, detailed repair, assembly, and quality control. It magnifies anything from 50x all the way to 500x. You can also “capture” photographs with a simple click.

USB Eye Touch-Sensitive LED Lamp – $25

The USB Eye Touch-Sensitive LED Lamp is a great utility for those who uses computers in low-light environments. The on/off button is touch-sensitive.

USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree – $9.99

Christmas is coming up soon and the USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree is a great way to show your holiday spirit.

USB Halloween Pumpkin Light – $7

Halloween is this month and the USB Halloween Pumpkin Light is a great way to show your holiday spirit.

USB Heating Blanket II – $19

The USB Heating Blanket II helps you stay warm while at your desk. It is also available in grey, pink, and purple.

USB Heating Slippers – $25

USB Heating Slippers keeps your feet warm at your cubicle or desk.

USB Mini Vacuum – $10.95

To help keep your cube or office neat, the USB Mini Vacuum has an LED feature that illuminates every crevice for dust elimination. It has a 10-100cm retractable USB cable.

USB O.I.C. Missile Launcher – $49 and $3 for 3 spare missiles

This USB toy has a web cam and contains 4 foam missles. This is a great way to mess with Milton in the cubicle next to you.

USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame – $32

The USB Optical Mouse With Digital Photo Frame has a 1.5″ LCD digital photo frame embedded within the mouse. It has 8MB of memory built in and can hold up to about 50 photos. It can play a slideshow automatically or manually.

USB Physical Therapy Instrument – $37

The USB Physical Therapy Instrument utilizes “body bioelectricity emulation” technology to help with stiff muscles or joints.

USB Plasma Ball – $12.99

USB Robot Owl – $19.99

This robot USB owl has realistic movements and can be bought in 3 different colors (white, grey, pink).

USB Touch Drums Set – $22

The USB Touch Drums Set allows you to tap and create your own drum beats and record it. You can then play it back. All of this is controlled by a USB gadget.

USB Whack It – $22

USB Whack It is a take on the whack-a-mole.

Web Mail Notifier – $7

The Web Mail Notifier connects to your private email account and informs you every time you receive a personal email. It glows in blue, red, or green.

Yoda USB Desk protector – $25.99

This motion activated Yoda protects your computer from Storm Troopers.

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