Paul Ceglia Now Interested In Talking To Winklevoss Twins

Paul Ceglia is best known for filing a lawsuit against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.  Ceglia said he had a document that shows that Zuckerberg promised him equity in Facebook that would be worth over half of the company.  Interestingly Paul Ceglia has decided to contact the Winklevoss twins via Twitter.

The most recent development about the lawsuit that Ceglia filed was that he told his lawyers not to turn over e-mail evidence in court. Many of Ceglia’s lawyers also decided not to become involved in this case any longe either. Facebook recently said that they found the original contract between Ceglia and Zuckerberg and it did not contain the agreement that Ceglia claimed it did. Ceglia said that the contract that Facebook presented was “photoshopped.”

The Winklevoss twins are known for suing Facebook, making a settlement, filing another lawsuit to try and get more money, and then dropping the new lawsuit. The Winklevoss twins and Paul Ceglia have something in common: Mark Zuckerberg is their enemy and they feel cheated. What they plan to get out of talking and working with each other is beyond me at this point.

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Paul Ceglia Now Interested In Talking To Winklevoss Twins Comments

  1. craig c says:

    I have being following this story since the start and have seen a lot of evidence on Ceglias side which is not being broadcasted because it is damning to FB. Why isnt the expert views in favour of Ceglia who all agree Ceglia's evidence is authentic? .Lets take this simple fact of email preservation, Ceglia and Zuckerberg used a program called Webmail to email eachother and anyone with any computer knowledge knows that Webmail deletes sent email in order to avoid exceeding storage limits. So according to Ceglia he copied the headers and texts of these emails into word documents in 03-04 in order to not loose them by leaving them in Webmail to be deleted at a later date and put them on floppy discs..comouter forensic expert Jerry Gran after analyzing them says they are consistent with how Ceglia says he copied and saved them here is a link to Ceglias Lawyers website it contains grants evidence along with others and i have to say its quite convincing… .. Ther is much more evidence you just have to look at the facts,, unfortunately the media is refusing to report such facts. Or what about Michael McGowans biased analysis of Ceglias computer, at while ago McGowan outlined a framework on how to find out the authencity of such things, he used them on Ceglias computer but refused to use the same framework when analysing the computers of Zuckerberg

    • VinnyK says:

      Hey thanks for the links dude, I took a look and this guy Ceglia has a good case in my opinion. All I have seen in media is how this guy is a con artist and fled to Ireland because he was lying, but after looking at his lawyers site, their evidence is pretty strong especially the evidence presented by Jerry Grant, untill now i never seen grants evidence, which is remarkable because the media should be reporting this, this seems like a case of smear the small guy and favour the big business like facebook, bias on the part of the media in my opinion,. I HOPE THIS GUY GETS JUSTICE AND GETS HIS RIGHTFUL SHARE OF FACEBOOK ZUCKERBERG SCAMMED BEFORE HE COULD DO IT AGAIN

      • newbedave says:

        THEY ARE ALL LIARS and they will all-ways be liars

        We know that Lessin and Zuckerberg have been tight since they met at Harvard Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg really, really wanted to work with founder Sam Lessin.

        But Sam Lessin knew Zuckerberg stole the idea facebook and that the email's where on but Facebook and Lessin are staying mum for now
        but you'll be able to download content from existing drops until Dec. 15!!
        Sam Lessin new the emails tolled a story of how Mark Zuckerberg stole facebook
        And there are emails on Hot Potato !!

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