14 Of The Best Lap Desks For Optimal Laptop Comfort

Most people are starting to prefer carrying around laptops over using PCs nowadays. As more laptops are being consumed, the demand for lap desks has increased. Lap desks are used to separate the laptop from your lap. It is also useful for preventing your laptop from overheating. Check out 14 of the best lap desks available on the market today:

Bamboo Wood Contour Lap Desk – $39.95

The Bamboo Wood Contour Lap Desk has a comfortable pillow that attaches securely with Velcro strips. The downfall of this product is that the cushion says spot clean only.

Bellagio-Italia Lap Desk – $29.99

The Bellagio-Italia Lap Desk has a sophisticated design with faux leather and dark stitching accent. It also has a micro-suede pillow with micro-beads. This lap desk can fit up to 17″ notebooks.

BRÄDA – $9.99

The BRÄDA desk at IKEA has legs that fold out to provide a tilted surface for a good working position.

Executive Lapdesk with Black Cushion and Light – $29.99

The Executive Lapdesk with Black Cushion and Light has a lighted lap desk that has a sleek and modern appeal. The portable desk accommodates a laptop, reading material, and writing materials. There is an attached gooseneck LED lamp that products bright and focused light, which illuminates screens and pages. The LED lasts up to 50,000 hours and is powered by three AA batteries.

Lapdawg X4 – $89.00

The LapDawg X4 has 360° rotating legs with push button and auto-locking joints. It allows you to use your laptop or book in bed lying down or sitting up. The X4 is made out of high quality aluminum with a midnight black matte finish.

LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk – $24.99

The LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk has a built in wrist rest and integrated side storage pouches. There is a built in mouse pad and a micro-bead lap pad.

The Lap King Lap Desk – $19.99

The Lap King Lap Desk has a reversible tray with a dimpled side for allowing laptops to breathe. The other side is perfect for eating and writing. There is an extra thick detachable neck pillow which prevents laptop heat transfer when attached to the tray. The tray is dishwasher safe.

Laptop Desk With Light – $16.95

The Laptop Desk Light is a lightweight and portable desk that is built with a drink holder. There is a built-in light that allows you to use your laptop at your bed. There is a 2-inch padded cushion and a goose neck that has an adjustable 12-inch lamp.

Mocha Flower Lap Desk – $24.00

The Mocha Flower Lap Desk has a patented design with cupholder. It is made out of plastic and has the following dimensions: 18″ x 11″ x 4″.

Old School Lap Desk by Creative Manufacturing – $54.49

Old School Lap Desk by Creative Manufacturing is a desk that is cherry stained with natural wood construction. The desk is brass-hinged with a 17″ top with a grooved pencil ledge. It is partitioned with a felt-lined lower storage. It has a foam filled pillow on the bottom for a comfortable lap placement.

Posture – Rite Lap Desks – $24.74

The Posture – Rite Lap Desk is a portable and adjustable lap desk that has a wedge-shaped cushion filled with foam beads.

Romanoff Lap Tray – $10.76

The Romanoff Lap Tray has fun colors and is easy to clean. The shape of the lap tray makes it sturdy. Dimensions of the Romanoff is 11.8×22.5×8.2 inches.

Storage Folding Lap Desk – $23.99

The Storage Folding Lap Desk is a portable way to work. When you lift the desk top, you will find lots of storage space for pens, paper, and office supplies.

Targus PA243U Notebook Portable Lapdesk – $8.90

The Targus has a lightweight design at 22 ounces. It has ventilation channels for providing airflow under the notebook. The dimensions are 11″ x 20.5″.

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