Floods In Thailand Causes Hard Drive Prices To Increase

Over the last three months, Thailand has been dealing with a series of floods that cost the lives of over four hundred people. About 2.3 million have been impacted. The financial impact is expected to be about $5.1 billion. Some of the companies that were directly affected by the floods include Western Digital, Toshiba, and Seagate. Thailand is the largest manufacturer of hard drives which accounts for 25% of total worldwide production and the floods are causing a shortage of supplies.

The shortage of supplies is causing hard drive prices to go up with some prices increasing by over 200%. DigiTimes is expecting hard drive shortages to reach about 19 million units in Q4. Western Digital has temporarily suspended their operations in Thailand and they will not be supplying hard drives to Taiwan channels in November. Samsung is also doing the same and will only be making shipments for their own devices. The normal prices are expected to take about a year.

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Floods In Thailand Causes Hard Drive Prices To Increase Comments

  1. Cardealexpert says:

    The Thailand flooding has been going on for a several months and its devastation is really huge. Many properties and lives have been affected tremendously and it has caused deep trauma to each and everyone. Thailand need support and prayers for them to be able to rise back again from this.

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