Four Hackers Arrested For Stealing $2 Million From AT&T and Sending It To Terrorists

Four hackers have been arrested in the Philippines for stealing about $2 million from AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and sending it to a Saudi Arabian terrorist group. The FBI and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group had found bank transactions that connected the individuals to the militant Islamic group Jemaah Islamiyah.

The hackers were able to access AT&T’s trunk-line, which is the digital connect between the central offices of the company. They were able to take money from whoever called. Then they routed the money to the bank accounts of terrorists and collected a commission on top of that.

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Four Hackers Arrested For Stealing $2 Million From AT&T and Sending It To Terrorists Comments

  1. Doris T. says:

    AT&T have had corrupt goings on for awhile….they should check into Verizon and AOL has well, because these companies won't come out with the truth until they are forced to. Both have given me erroneous bills over the last few years. AT&T $75.00 for internet services I never used since I had Netzero at the time. Out of the clear blue while I had Verizon as my ISP, AOL had been taken from my bank erroneous for services I never used and continued to want more money even after I called and asked why they were charging me for services I wasn't using from them. How? All they need is to have had your debit or credit card at some point; if it still exists, they can make withdrawals (I checked with my bank, they don't need the # from the back). At a side note, Netflix took it upon themselves to charge me a month of services after their 30 day free trial. I notified PayPal and asked how they were able to do that without me doing that transaction. Long story short, PayPal got my money back…..contd

  2. Doris T. says:

    Next, Verizon is the worst. I used to pay my bill online then I can't get into my email to pay my bill after I made a payment that was clearly taken from my account, bank statement proves it and yet they supposely never receive it. After that they had so-called problems with their email, I had to pay locally with cash and that disappeared. Oh and try to get someone on the line at Verizon when you call….so sick of automatic voices, and buttons to press. Sorry to go on, but it really gets me so upset that all these companies don't care what's going on as long as they are getting money even if someone is robbing the consumer and Verizon will ruin your credit report if you don't pay once again what you already paid…..contd

  3. Doris T. says:

    On one last note, after being suspended for none payment, untrue, I retained another ISP provdier. Eight months later, I receive an email with a different account number but with my name saying I owed $115 to Verizon for services rendered. It's infuriating and if people check consumer affairs on the internet, they will find many dissatisfied customers. Unfortunately, many people swear they didn't make these bills, but are afraid not to pay it because of their credit rating. The elderly and middle-aged are especially targeted and I believe the disabled as well as those individuals who don't bother to check their credit reports. One day when they have to, they may get a rude awakening! Hackers in the Philipines but where and how were they hired and from whom. They are just the tip of the iceberg of a vast array of foreign and american swindlers.

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