Rovio Turned Down $2.25 Billion Offer From Zynga

Social gaming company Zynga had made buy-out offers to mobile gaming companies PopCap and Rovio. Both companies turned down their respective buy-out offers. PopCap, developer of Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle, turned down $1 billion from Zynga. Rovio, developed of the Angry Birds franchise, turned down a $2.25 billion offer from Zynga. Zynga’s corporate culture was cited as one of the major reasons why the two companies turned down the offer. It is also believed that Zynga did not want to pay the amount that Rovio wanted. PopCap Games ended up being acquired by Electronic Arts. It is believed that PopCap took EA’s offer because their earn-out terms were simpler to meet. Zynga is expected to go public very soon. [BusinessInsider]

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Rovio Turned Down $2.25 Billion Offer From Zynga Comments

  1. Angie7F says:

    Why sell a company when it still has potential to release more of the same game series?
    Entrepreneurship101 suggests that you sell companies when you can, but its refreshing to see companies that are willing to stick it out. If only they would make their older titles totally free…
    My hobby now is to look for new more less known games and boast that "I played it before everyone else". lol
    COLOURS is a good game and I hope it catches on like Angry Birds.

  2. angry birds says:

    First of all, as the article says, it could just be a rumour, besides, we know that these buyouts are not made in cash, but rather in stock. And Rovio is making fast hard cold cash right now, something that Zynga is looking forward all the time with its casual games. Please don't ruin the Angry Birds franchise and keep new updates coming!.

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