Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets “310-954-7277 Call Me Bro. C.”

Actor Charlie Sheen had accidentally tweeted his phone number out to his 5 million Twitter followers. Apparently he was trying to just send a direct message to pop singer Justin Bieber. Sheen joined Twitter earlier this year and was eating dinner at French restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas, Nevada last week when he sent out the tweet. “310-954-7277 Call me bro. C,” tweeted Sheen.

The number was tweeted by tons of Sheen’s followers. The phone number has been disconnected since and the tweet was deleted. For a short amount of time, Charlie Sheen actually answered some of his phone calls and text messages. He would just pick up and say things like “Ray’s Pizza” and “Winning”

[Daily Telegraph]

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Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets “310-954-7277 Call Me Bro. C.” Comments

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