French Mobile Coupon Service Shopmium Raises $2.1 Million

Shopmium is a mobile shopping service company that has raised $2.1 million from Accel Partners and ISAI. Shopmium launched in September 2011 and they allow large consumer brands to stay engaged with users through special offers and coupons that are pushed to smartphones. Between the company’s Android and iPhone apps, there was about 100,000 downloads in the first few weeks since launching in France. [TechCrunch]

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French Mobile Coupon Service Shopmium Raises $2.1 Million Comments

  1. George Soros says:

    The "Money" can also be used to cover the sales tax on the purchases, since it is accepted as cash after the taxes are calculated. Also, even if a purchase was made entirely in CTM, it is also considered as a cash purchase and more CTM will be calculated and paid out.

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