WATCH: Erin Laung Worth Bungee Jumping Video Goes Viral

Erin Laung Worth is a 22-year old Australian tourist that went bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia on New Years Eve. Worth’s bungee cord snapped and broke during her 350-foot jump over the Zambezi River in Africa. She said that she went black straight away and she said it felt like she had been slapped all over. When flowing downstream, her bungee cord kept getting caught on something so she had to swim down and yank the cord out of whatever it was caught on. She eventually swam to the Zimbabwe side of the river and rescuers came to her aid. The Zambezi River is known for being infested with crocodiles too. The bungee jump was arranged for $120 by a company called Safari Par Excellency. This video has been watched over 30,000 times since yesterday.

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WATCH: Erin Laung Worth Bungee Jumping Video Goes Viral Comments

  1. sepepper says:

    Did she get a refund? Hope so– and THEN SOME…..

    Hell, Tarzan himself "only" survived a jump off of Victoria Falls– this lady has done something not even Tarzan can claim: surviving a FAILED BUNGEE jump!

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