RUMOR: Apple Readying TV Service By Christmas

Apple Inc. is rumored to be pushing their plans for a streaming TV service by Christmas. According to the NY Post, Apple has made little headway in their negotiations with content providers. Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddie Cue is believed to be spearheading the negotiations with the content providers and he has been going at it for months.

Supposedly Apple’s negotiation stance is “we decide the price, we decide wht content” according to a source with the NY Post. “They want everything for nothing,” stated another media executive. Apple is rumored to be pitching the idea of offering channels as apps for their devices including their Apple TV set-top box. However it is unclear whether Apple wants to group the apps together and charge a fee similar to a cable-TV model or offer the channels a la carte.

Currently Apple iTunes allows users to rent and download TV shows, but they are hoping to add a streaming video option on the web. This model would cause Apple to step on the toes of Hulu and Netflix. Even Comcast launched their own streaming content service recently called Streampix. Time Warner is working on a similar service themselves.

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  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    Well, I’ve been wrong before, but this seems like a bad move for Apple. Their success stories are usually built around innovation. The problem with them releasing a streaming service is that others are already doing a great job of it and there’s a lot of competition. Now I’m not talking about Xfinity’s Streampix, which is pretty limited, but I’m mainly referring to Netflix (who’ve made some mistakes, but have the benefit of being independent) and Blockbuster @Home by my employer, DISH. I’ve had both and can say without doubt that Blockbuster @Home offers a lot more for my dollar. I get unlimited streaming of a great library of shows and movies, I get something like twenty high-definition movie channels, and I get movie and video game rentals through the mail with the option of in-store exchanges. It’s really rounded out my entertainment choices like no other service has.

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