Pinterest Solid At Driving Sales Referrals To Online Retailers

Pinterest is known for driving a good amount of traffic to retailers and publishers, but there is some data now suggesting that it is a great tool for driving sales. Wayfair (previously known as CSN Stores) is reporting that Pinterest referrals are more likely to make a purchase and spend on average than visitors from other social media websites.

Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah said that shoppers visiting from Pinterest are more than 10% likely to make a purchase than visitors from Twitter and Facebook. They also spend 10% more on average.

Wayfair started getting active on Pinterest at the beginning of the year and set up their own Pinterest page with a mix of about 1,500 product images. They also hosted a “Pinterest challenge” in February encouraging people to create pinboards with 15-20 Wayfair products. They had a chance of receiving one of five $50 gift cards.


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