First Google Phone Prototype Looked Like A BlackBerry

The court battle between Oracle and Google has caused some documents to be opened up containing photos of the first Android prototype from 2006. This phone was a prototype for a “Google Mass Market Phone” and it shows a portrait QWERTY keypad with a landscape screen on top. The 2006 prototype would have had a 200MHz ARM Cortex v9 processor, 64MB RAM, 3G connection, USB connectivity, Bluetooth 1.2, miniSD memory expansion, and 2 megapixel camera on the back. “At Google, we believe we can be successful in transforming the mobile experience-in the same way we have revolutionised the fixed internet experience,” stated Google in a document from back in 2006. Google never released this prototype, but they did approach T-Mobile USA with this device and was considering releasing it for $9.99 per month with an unlimited data plan.

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