Google Testing Google+ Button Instead Of Likes On YouTube

Google Plus YouTube Screenshot
Google Inc. has been pushing the Google+ social network as much as possible. New Google users are automatically given a Google+ account and there are G+ buttons next to every search result. Actor Wil Wheaton noticed that Google is testing out Google+ buttons as a replacement to the YouTube “like” and “dislike” button. Wheaton wrote this on his Tumblr as a response to seeing that:

Oh, go f**k yourself, Google. This is just as bad as companies forcing me to “like” something on Facebook before I can view whatever it is they want me to “like.”

Just let me thumbs up something, without forcing me to “upgrade” to G+, you dickheads.

The worst part of this? For a producer like me, I’m going to lose a crapton of potential upvotes for Tabletop, because the core of my audience is tech-savvy and may not want to “upgrade” to yet another f**king social network they don’t want or need.

Wheaton not logged into Google when he saw the Google+ button. When clicking on the Google+ button, a pop-up appears that says “upgrade to Google Plus.”

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