Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson Stepping Down After Resume Scandal

Scott Thompson
Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson is stepping down from the company. Ross Levinsohn will become the interim CEO at the company. Thompson is stepping down amidst a controversy revolving around his online resume. His bio on Yahoo!’s and former employer eBay said that he had a computer science and accounting degree when it was actually only in accounting. When the official announcement is made, he will likely cite “personal reasons” for stepping down. Yahoo!’s board of directors are going to reach a settlement with Dan Loeb, the shareholder that discovered Thompson’s degree was fake. Fred Amoroso will be named chairman of Yahoo!’s board and the five directors on Yahoo!’s board will step down immediately.

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Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson Stepping Down After Resume Scandal Comments

  1. Ano Nymous says:

    EX-Yahoo users should sue Yahoo shareholders for deliberate breach of contract and exploitative manipulation. These are the JOKERS who fired Steve Jobs! Obama claimed his undergraduate diploma was in “Political Science and International Relations” (NY Times October 30 2007, Janny Scott) and elsewhere said it was in “national security” when Columbia only has an undergraduate department in Political Science. In Thompson’s day, computer courses were taught by statistics, electronics, accounting and other departments. If anything, those people who learned how to apply computers to a real application did a lot better work than today’s supposed “scientists”. But which liberal media would challenge the professulas who invented Obama so they can continue to rape the taxpayer with their grant grubbing? The same professulas who winked in dubious credentials from defunct central asian instituions a decade and a half ago. The real JOKER is Gengis Icahn who tore down Yahoo to elevate the Big Brother Gog Google. Yahoo had Briefcase long before anyone dreamed of clouds but he shut it down. Yahoo Shopping and Wallet were decimated because they competed with Ebay and Paypal. Even the sophisticated boolean language of AltaVista was destroyed so we all depend on Google’s hidden deal which let trial lawyers give you false science so you can hire them. The same way Steve Case destroyed CompuServe to avenge The Source. This Icahn Loeb Casuistry only reminds me of Elliot Sputzer. Merge Yahoo and AOL into Amazon!

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