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I became an official Apple fanboy in 2009 when Pulse2.com co-founder Shan Sadiq decided that we needed to start making apps for the Apple App Store. To build an app, we were required to have iPhones and Macs to build them. I was absolutely dedicated to using Windows machines at the time and was not enthusiastic about switching to a Mac.

Fast-forward three years later to 2012. Now I find myself frustrated with performing any task on Windows. I think Microsoft is still a great company and I am hoping that Windows 8 will be successful, but there is no experience like using a Mac. Steve Jobs’ obsession with perfection resonates in every single Apple product that consumers possess.

Knowing how much of an Apple fanboy I am, my wife bought me a copy of the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. I am still in the process of finishing the book, but I highly recommend buying it.

Below is a list of some intriguing Apple facts told in story form (pages 1-7). Note: This post will be updated with additional facts soon:

Apple’s First Logo Had Isaac Newton In It

Apple Isaac Newton Logo
[Apple’s Isaac Newton Logo]
You most likely recognize Apple’s logo as a silver apple fruit with a bite taken out of it. The original Apple logo was designed by former Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne. The original Apple had a picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under tree with an apple about to hit him on the head. The original logo was briefly used in 1976. Apple’s rainbow apple logo with a bite taken out of it was created by Rob Janoff and was used up until 1998. The monochromatic silver Apple logo was used after that.
Apple Rainbow Logo
[Apple’s rainbow logo]

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