RUMOR: Microsoft Is Acquiring Yammer

Yammer Logo
Microsoft is rumored to be in the process of acquiring Yammer. Ignition Talent Group administrative manager Sarah Taylor overhead people talking about Microsoft acquiring Yammer at the Creamery, which is a cafe across the street from Yammer’s office.

There is a Microsoft sign heading to the Yammer building according to a photo shared by Marc Benioff:
Microsoft Sign shared by Marc Benioff

Yammer’s software allows employees to work together on projects and share information. Their system looks similar to Facebook and works like Microsoft Office. Yammer has some integration with Microsoft SharePoint.

By acquiring Yammer, Microsoft would become more competitive in the social enterprise tools market. has a Yammer competitor product called Chatter.

Yammer raised $85 million in February with a valuation at $500 million. An acquisition from Microsoft would most likely be at a price that is at the valuation or higher.

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