14 iPhone Tricks and Tips

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Millions of people own an iPhone, but most people do not even know about half the features that it can do. For example, you may not know right off the bat that you can change your Spotlight Search preferences on the phone or display the character count of your text messages. Below is a list of 14 iPhone tricks and tips. More will be added in the near future.

1. Tell Siri Who Your Contacts Are

You can teach Siri who your family members are to make it easier to call them simply by saying “Call dad,” “call mom,” etc. After you load Siri, you can say “John Doe” is my father. Another way to associate the vocal commands with Siri is by entering it into your contact. You can set this up for your brother, sister, assistant, and manager.

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14 iPhone Tricks and Tips Comments

  1. Chaz says:

    Some of these were pretty basic but very helpful to someone who is new to the iPhone. But I will say the one iPhone camera tip that I had NO idea you could do was taking a picture with your headphones volume button. Thanks for the tips!

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