15+ YouTube Hacks and Tricks

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YouTube is fun and all, but there are certain hacks and tricks that can make the website a lot more interesting.  You may already know about some of them, but many of these tips will be new to you.  Some of the tips and tricks included in this list include how to embed videos into PowerPoint and how to convert and download videos for your iPhone.  Check out the tips below (pages 1-19):

How To Download Videos From YouTube

Let’s say that you want to learn the “Evolution of Dance” moves, but you don’t want to keep loading it from YouTube’s website. Well you can download the video and watch it from your hard drive anytime you want to. There are several different types of software that help you download videos from YouTube. Some of these include:
Free Mac YouTube Downloader (Mac Software)
VideoSlurp (Windows Software)
VideoDownloader (Windows Software)
OrbitDownloader (Windows Software)
DownloadHelper (Mozilla Firefox Plugin)
All2Convert (Website)

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    The last trick about international restrictions doesn’t work.

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