GM Testing Alternative Metal-Working Fuel In Grand Blanc, Michigan

MagneGas Corporation is supplying General Motors with their MagneGas fuel.  MagneGas’ products converts liquid-based materials to hydrogen-based fuel, which removes acetylene in the process.

GM is testing the fuel in maintenance and metal-working processes at their Grand Blanc Weld & Tool Center.  MagneGas is shipping their fuel cylinders from their production facility in Michigan.

When testing MagneGas’ products. GM found that it was cleaner, faster, and more cost-effective than acetylene.  MagneGas has a free iPhone app on the Apple App Store.

“We are always in pursuit of technologies that enhance quality and efficiency while also performing well on a holistic business case,” stated GM’s John Bradburn, the manager of waste-reduction efforts at GM. “In its current state, this technology does just that. We’re working closely with MagneGas to discuss possible future applications with potential to reduce our environmental impact.”

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