Google+ Now Has Deeper Integration With Google Search

Google Share
This morning @BerianReed, the head of search marketing at AutoTrader UK, found out some deeper integration of Google+ within Google Search.  Reed noticed that some search results have a link that says “Share.”  When clicking on Share, it will let you post the link to Google+.  The above image was taken from Google UK so it would be hard for U.S. users to recreate the results.  Google Product Manager Sean Liu wrote:

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new experiment to show a Share link in Google search in place of the +1 button, making it easier for you to share a great website with your friends. Now when you click the Share link next to a result, you can add a comment about why you found it useful. You can then choose if you want to share it publicly or just to your Circles and it will post to your Google+ stream, making it easier for you to share directly from the search results page. This will appear for those searching in English.

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