Aurora Shooting Survivor Torrence Brown Jr. Filing Lawsuit Against Warner Brothers, Movie Theater, and Holmes’ Doctors

Torrence Brown Jr.
Torrence Brown-Smith Jr. graduated from high school this year and is now studying at University of Northern Colorado.  He is one of the witnesses of the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado that survived.  However one of his friends was shot in the chest and later died from the wounds.

Torrence has retained an attorney and is planning to file a lawsuit against Warner Brothers Studio, the Century 16 movie theater where the shootings happened, and the gunman’s doctors.  Torrence’s attorney Donald Karpel said in an interview with TMZ that his client feels like the ball was dropped by multiple entities, which led to the largest shootings in the U.S.

Torrence believes that Century 16 was negligent because the theater did not have an emergency door that was alarmed or guarded.  Holmes allegedly bought a ticket to see the Dark Knight Rises.  But then he went through the emergency exit to retrieve his guns and then returned inside through the same emergency door.  One of Torrence’s best friends, A.J. Boik, was shot in the chest and died from the wounds.  Torrence believes he is now suffering from “extreme trauma.”

Another group of defendants in Torrence’s lawsuit are James Holmes’ doctors.  Holmes appears to have been taking “several medications,” which were prescribed by one or more doctors.  Torrence believes that his doctors did not properly monitor Holmes’ condition around the time of the shooting.

Lastly, Warner Brothers Studio will be a defendant.  Torrence’s lawyer Donald Karpel claims that “Dark Knight Rises was particularly violent” and the suspected gunman allegedly “mimicked some of the action” on the screen.”

“Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today,” stated Karpel in the TMZ interview.

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Aurora Shooting Survivor Torrence Brown Jr. Filing Lawsuit Against Warner Brothers, Movie Theater, and Holmes’ Doctors Comments

  1. Kimberly Jennings says:

    I think that this kid is pathetic and selfish. Why would you try to make money off of something so tragic? Why would you sue The Warner Bros Company and the Batman Franchise for its violence. He didn’t even get to view the movie due to the shooting incident. Warner Bros and the Batman Franchise had nothing to do with this madman’s homicidal tendencies. Torrence Brown is a sorry individual for trying to make money off of this!!!!

  2. Mark says:

    What a piece of shit. People are not even buried yet and he does this? Maybe he realized his Obama Check is not coming and he figured he needed to be an opportunistic scumbag and profit off this tragedy.

    • Eric Mason says:

      They should all sue the online companies for not putting up red flags or reporting to authorities about his online purchases

  3. Jay says:

    I hope this get’s thrown out and that his lawyer is disbarred for this. This culture of ours where you can get sued for anything is insane.

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