Toyota Has Sold Their 200 Millionth Car

Toyota has sold their 200 millionth car this past June.  Toyota started building cars with the Model G1 truck in August 1935.  It took around 76 years and 11 months to hit the milestone.  At the end of June, the cumulative production in Japan was 145.21 million vehicles and overseas production hit 55.12 million vehicles.  Toyota is about 330,000 ahead of the 200 million.  Toyota’s most produced car is the Corolla at 39.08 million units, which they hit at the end of June.  Toyota had been the largest automaker, but then they lost the title to GM in 2011. [TTAC]

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Toyota Has Sold Their 200 Millionth Car Comments

  1. Davie` says:

    Well, no surprise there. With their big time success with online car parts shops like I’m a little shocked that this has just happened recently. Well, i guess there’s no harm done. Congrats Toyota for always doing a great job!

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