Ford Replacing Steel On Pickup Trucks With Aluminum Body

Ford Motor Company is going to be replacing the body of their pickup trucks from steel to aluminum. Ford will be making the change at their Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo. The aluminum body is intended to help the company meet federal fuel-economy standards by making the F-150 lighter by 700 pounds. However Ford insists that aluminum is as strong as steel. The truck made with aluminum is expected to be released in 2014. [Bizjournals]

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Ford Replacing Steel On Pickup Trucks With Aluminum Body Comments

  1. Ricky Kise says:

    Aluminum trucks? Why stop there? Let’s get Scotty from the Enterprise to give us transparent Aluminum so we can have see-through trucks and we wont have to paint them! Stupidest thing America EVER did was put Obama in office. Now he’s killing people with substandard trucks. If he gets another term, it’s just tick-tock, tick-tock to the worker camps. Everybody, lets get this jerk outta there before we all perish!

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