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Microsoft Redesigns Hotmail and Renames It To Outlook.com

Microsoft has revamped Hotmail.  Now Hotmail is called Outlook.com, which has a new and simple design.  Outlook.com automatically detects e-mails that are newsletters and puts them into a separate folder.  The newsletter folder sets you up with an option to easily unsubscribe.  Outlook.com has a message “sweep” option where only the latest message from a sender will appear and previously sent messages will be deleted.

Outlook.com has tight integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  When someone updates their contact information, Outlook.com will detect the new information.  Outlook.com has Facebook IM built in as well.


Last of all, Outlook.com will have integration with Microsoft productivity tools like Word, Excel, SkyDrive, and PowerPoint.  Skype video calling will be coming soon.

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