YouTube Viewers Helps Find Mildblend Supply Co. Flash Mob Thieves

In this video, you will see that a Chicago-based clothing store is being robbed. Around $3,000 worth of designer jeans were stolen by this flash mob. Luke Cho, the owner of the store in Wicker Park, posted this surveillance video of over a dozen teens walking into the store and putting the jeans in the backpacks before walking out. He found out the names of at least 6 of the teens involved in the video. “They came marching in and basically ransacked the place and tried to grab whatever they could,” said Cho. Cho said that he has dealt with a dozen shoplifting incidents since opening the store six months ago, but nothing like this. The teens were especially interested in a brand called “Nudie Jeans,” which sell for around $200 per pair. Check out the flash mob video below:

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