16 jQuery Editor Websites and Apps

Below is a list of 16 awesome jQuery and non-jQuery rich text editors.  I believe all of these listed are free.  Check them out below and let me know what you think in the comments about the jQuery editors.

A Light Weight RTE jQuery Plugin – Website

A Rich Text Editor is only 7kb uncompressed and is compatible with all major browsers.


CK Editor – Website

CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside websites.  It is a WYSIWYG editor and the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing.


D Small Rich Text Editor – Website


D Small Rich is a rich text editor built within an IFRAME element.  Image Upload is done through AJAX and it is cross-browser compatible.


HTMLBox – Website

HTMLBox is a modern, cross browser, interactive, and open-source WYSIWYG editor built on the jQuery library.


jHTMLArea – Website

jHTMLArea is a simple and light-weight WYSIWYG HTML Editor built on top of jQuery.  This easily displays an HTML editor in place of any TextArea DOM elements on the page.

jWYSIWYG – Website

jWYSIWYG is a jQuery plugin that is hosted on Github.

MarkItUp! – Website

markItUp! is a lightweight, customizable, and flexible engine that helps developers work on CMS software, blogs, forums, and website.  MarkItUp! does not considered themselves as a WYSIWYG editor because it is fully customizable.


NicEdit – Website

NicEdit is a lightweight, cross-platform, and inline-content editor to easily edit website content on the fly in the browser.

SPAW Editor – Website

SPAW Editor is an in-browser WYSIWYG editor that enables website developers replace a standard text area HTML control with fully customizable features and it is multilingual.


TinyMCE – Website

TinyMCE is a platform independent web based JavaScript/HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL.

uEditor – Website

uEditor is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that is based on widgEditor.  It was rewritten for jQuery and is flexible to use.

WMD Editor – Website

WMD is a small and simple WYSIWYG-style HTML editor that was written in JavaScript.  When you type the text in markdown, WMD converts it to HTML behind the scenes.  The project is noted on Google Code.

WYMEditor – Website

WYMeditor is a web-based XHTML WYSIWYM editor.


Xinha – Website

Xinha is a powerful WYSIWYG editor that works in all browsers.  It is highly configurable and is open source.

Yahoo! YUI Rich Text Editor – Website

Yahoo! YUI is a rich text editor that is has a UI control that replaces a standard HTML text area.  It allows for rich formatting of text content, which includes common structural attributes like lists, bold/italic text, and drag/drop inclusion.

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