Blockbuster To Give Up Competing Against Netflix Over Streaming Movies

After Dish Network bought Blockbuster last year, they wanted to build a Netflix competitor.  Dish was planning to overhaul Blockbuster into a DVD-by-mail service and movie streaming service.  Dish has decided not to create a Netflix competitor out of Blockbuster anymore.  Dish has sold off many of Blockbuster’s retail locations, but 900 of them will remain open in rural areas where streaming media is not that popular.  U.S. regulators decided not to approve a waiver to allow the company to use a satellite spectrum for streaming movies.  This is why Dish gave up on that project.  [Bloomberg]

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Blockbuster To Give Up Competing Against Netflix Over Streaming Movies Comments

  1. javi says:

    If anything, DISH is offering a BETTER product than Netflix. I hear a lot of talk on the subject, and one complaint which clearly resonates from Netflix customers is that the streaming library is almost never updated. I definitely don’t have that problem with my Blockbuster @ Home movie package from DISH. I love that it costs less per month than Netflix, and I can exchange titles in three different ways: by mail, streaming or at a BB store. Yes, many of the Blockbuster stores are closing, but a DISH coworker told me this was just a sign of the times. I can get over 100,000 titles, and thousands of them come straight to my home streaming live. I will never go back to Netflix!

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