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Coupons.com Adds A Great Passbook Feature With 20 Major Retail Partners

Now when you visit the Coupons.com homepage on your mobile device, you will be able to add a bunch of coupons to the Passbook app on your iPhone.  Coupons.com has Passbook coupons for PETCO, Macy’s, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Yankee Candle, Old Navy, etc.  Around 34 offers are available at launch.  Coupons.com is hitting around 21 million monthly unique visitors per month.  When visiting the Coupons.com homepage on your iPhone, tap the “Get Coupons” button under the “Passbook” section at the top.  You will see an “Add To Passbook” button and then tap on “Add” at the top.  Coupons.com has an iOS application, but it does not have Passbook integration yet.


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