Best Android Games Of 2012

The app store on Google Play has surpassed 25 billion downloads since it officially launched in 2008. In this round-up we wanted to give credit to some of the best Android games that are out there today.  Note: We will expand this post in the future based on feedback that we receive in the comments and via e-mail.  Do not hesitate to let us know what games you like the best in the comments.

1. Bad Piggies

From the makers of Angry Birds, comes Bad Piggies – a game where you build machines to make the pigs fly and ride around in cars to collect eggs.  There are currently over 87 levels in the game with an additional 18 that can be unlocked.  I consider this game as addictive or more than Angry Birds since it requires more of your creativity than just flinging birds at pigs. [Google Play Link]

Bad Piggies

Video Demo:

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