10+ Adobe Flash Tools and Resources

Even though Adobe is putting less resources in Adobe Flash, it is still one of the most used programs for creating advertisements and presentations.  Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used for adding animation, video, and interactivity to websites.  Flash is used to manipulate vector and raster graphics to provide text and drawing animations.

Action Script Library

Senocular’s Action Script Library has code snippets that can be used with ActionScript 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

ActionScript.org Library

The ActionScript.org Library lets you search for scripts or find content on a page-by-page basis like array objects, bool objects, math objects, etc.  There are over 700 scripts for you to use.

Actionscript Physics Engine

Actionscript Physics Engine (APE) is a free AS3 open source 2D physics engine for using in Flash and Flex.

Animation Package

Animation Package is an ActionScript library that is compatible to Flash Player 6 and above.  The website helps you create powerful, maintainable animations, and primitive shapes.


FlashJester is a website that contains  Flash tools, Flash development, and Flash plugins.  FlashJester has a bunch of tutorials, but many of them have a cost so prepare to open your wallet for this one.


FlashKit.com is a Flash developer resource website that has movies, tutorials, submissions, sound effects, fonts, etc.


Flashtica is a website director that has free open source action script and Flash code files.


GoToAndLearn is a website that has HTML5, Flash, and other tutorials.  Tutorials include Inlining Functions with ASC 2.0, CSS3 3D Transforms, Introduction To EaselJS, etc.

Jim’s Old Timey Flash Bestiary

Jim’s Old Timey Flash Bestiary is a website that has ActionScript-centric Flash movies with accompanying source code.


Kirupa has Flash and ActionScript tutorials.  The website launched in 1999 and has been publishing Flash and ActionScript tutorials since then.  The content ranges from basic animation, drawing, and design.


SWFTools is a Flash tools website that has 3D tools, charts, converters, HTML5 converters, quizzes, page flip effects, etc.


SwishZone has software tools that can be used for creating some flashy animations.  Features include videos, slideshows, text effects, designer templates, etc.

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