Macy’s To Sell Sean John Sweater With A Video Screen

Sean John, the clothing and fragrance company owned by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, will be selling a sweater with a video screen built into the sleeve.  The sweater will be sold this week at select Macy’s locations.  You can see if your local Macy’s is selling the sweater with a video screen at this link.  The video display sweater was put together with Recom Group and it is called the Video Name Tag.

The small display has a 2.8-inch active matrix OLED panel and the resolution of the screen is 320 x 240 pixels.  It also has 2GB of integrated storage.  The display measures at 3/8-inch thick x 2 3/8-inch wide x 1 3/4-inch tall.

Recom promised that the internal lithium-ion battery allows the screen to operate at 6-10 hours continuously.  The display can show full motion video or still images.  The display has to be removed for the cleaning the sweater and the price is currently unknown.


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