20 Of The Best Wine Apps

During the winter holidays, people have a tendency to go wine-tasting at local wine bars and vineyards. Sensing and evaluating the taste of wine makes people feel more sophisticated and it makes for great conversation points. Wine and food pairing is a culture and wine-and-cheese parties can be a great social event. If you want to become more of an oenophile/wine connoisseur, then you may want to check out 20 of the best wine apps below:

AG Wine [iTunes]

Cellar [iTunes]

Corkbin [iTunes/Google Play]

Cor.kz [iTunes]

Drync Wine Pro [iTunes]

Fine Local Wine [iTunes]

Hello Vino [iTunes]

Kendall-Jackson Recommends [Google Play]

Pair It [iTunes]

Pocket Wine [iTunes]

Snooth Wine Pro [iTunes]

Vivino [iTunes/Google Play]

Wine.com [iTunes]

Wine Enthusiast Guide [iTunes]

Wine Events [iTunes/Google Play]

Wine Notes [iTunes]

WineRater [iTunes]

Wine Spectator [iTunes]

Wine Tour [iTunes]

Wine Wherever [iTunes]

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