Ion Talking Point Is A Great Conference Call System For Homes and Offices

Let’s say that you have decided to cancel your home phone service like I have and use your smartphone as your primary contact source.  The Ion Talking Point is a Bluetooth cordless phone station that could come in handy in that circumstance.  The product makes it feel like you still have a landline set up in your home or office.  Read more after the jump:

The product comes with a charger base and it serves as the central point for three other handsets.  The calls made through the docked device are made through Bluetooth and DECT 6.0.  The conference call system has a speaker system built in if you want to make hands-free calls.  The Talking Point product is expected to arrive in June for $149.99.  The Bluetooth Cordless Phone Station is coming in September for $99.  This product was announced during the 2012 CES:


With its sleek design, large speaker, and four built-in microphones, Talking Point is the perfect hands-free phone solution for the home or office.
Cumberland, R.I. (January 8, 2013) – ION, a leader in consumer audio and entertainment technology, announces Talking Point, a tabletop Bluetooth speaker system that turns virtually any mobile phone into a high-quality conference phone. ION will exhibit Talking Point at Central Hall Booth 11604 at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas from January 8-11.

With society’s ever-increasing dependency on smartphones for everything from watching movies and playing games, to instant business meetings, email, and trading stocks, ION’s Talking Point seeks to be the solution to a chronic smartphone problem: frustrating speakerphone conversations.

Whether it’s a parent at home running around the kitchen or a young entrepreneur running their new business, Talking Point provides the crystal-clear hands-free phone solution for any user. Gone are the days of repeating yourself over and over and listening to poor-quality tiny speakers. ION’s Talking Point equips any Bluetooth phone, including iPhone and Android smartphones, with a large top-facing speaker and multiple built-in microphones that capture voices from any angle.

“It’s a simple-yet-powerful product that’s very easy to use and has one goal: crystal-clear calls,” said Wendy Fortin, ION Product Manager. “Whether you’re at home and have your hands full preparing dinner, or you’re in the office jotting down notes during an important call, with Talking Point, you’ll hear and be heard loud and clear.”

At CES, ION will also unveil an innovative Bluetooth Cordless Phone System, the world’s first home phone system built specifically for smartphones. The system consists of a base and three handsets. The base connects to the users smartphone via Bluetooth while also cradling and charging the smartphone. The three handsets use the smartphone’s capabilities by connecting to the base via DECT 6.0 technology for crisp, clear sound.

Both Talking Point and the Bluetooth Cordless Phone System will be on display at Central Hall Booth 11604 at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas from January 8-13.

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