3D Systems Is Shipping 3D Printers Called The CubeX Trio and Cube 3D

3D Systems is launching a couple of new 3D printers.  The CubeX Trio is considered “the ultimate desktop 3D printer” that features a platform that can print up to 1,030 cubic inches (10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5-inches).  This is about the same size as a basketball.  The CubeX Trio has three printing modes at resolutions that are up to 125 microns and three different print fill densities.  The CubeX Trio can do PLA or ABS plastics and it has a cartridge system for feeding in plastic.  The CubeX Trio costs around $2,499.

CubeX Trio


3D Systems is also launching a second-generation version of their consumer-friendly 3D printer called the Cube.  The second-gen Cube has the ability to print 1.5x faster than it’s predecessor in ABS and recyclable PLA plastics.  The Cube has easily-loaded cartridges, touchscreen controls, and WiFi connectivity.  The Cube printers will start shipping today for a price of $1,299.  If you pay an extra $100, the company will provide 3 extra cartridges of plastic.

3D Systems Is Shipping 3D Printers Called The CubeX Trio and Cube 3D Comments

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